President’s Message

It has been difficult days for all of you to live in whole over the world due to covid-19 pandemic in these 8 months. Since Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (APFSSH) meeting in Melbourne in March 2020, we have spent all times in our home and most of the meetings have been changed to Webinar. Due to this reason, we decided to postpone our 6th Annual Congress in Singapore to May 2023 as the 8th Congress and now our 6th congress will be in Shanghai 2021. I hope this severe situation of pandemic will be resolved soon.

At the 5th Congress of APWA in 2019 in Seoul, I took over the president position from Prof. Greg Bain. Greg did extremely great job for managing the association, creating strong committees under executive board, and negotiating to Thieme Publishers to be the Journal of Wrist Surgery as our affiliated journal. Now you can find our APWA logo on the front page of the Journal of Wrist Surgery. You will subscribe the Journal with 25% discounted price.

Normally we hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the Annual Congress, however, due to postponed Annual Congress this year, we will hold AGM in January 2021 via Zoom Webinar. I will send the information very soon.

I arranged the committee members in last March 2020. Chair of the fellowship committee is now Keiji Fujio with advisor of former chair Winglim Tse. Congress committee chair is now Andrew Chin with the help of Wen dong Xu. Education committee chair is Bo Liu with the help of Jeff Ecker. We still hold Abhijeet as Chair of IT committee. And we now create new Membership committee and the new chair is Joo Yup Lee, our secretary general. New Membership committee will help to IT committee to organize strong system for membership management and payment through our website. Everyone will be happy to pay their annual dues through website very soon.

I hope all of you are happy and healthy in the difficult days and will see you directly, not virtually, very soon.

November 24, 2020

Toshiyasu Nakamura, MD, PhD

The President, Asia Pacific Wrist Association,

Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine, International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo, Japan

Toshiyasu Nakamura

Message from Immediate Past President

We are all so fortunate to have had PC Ho create such a wonderful Wrist Association. I feel very honoured to be the second APWA President. We have a strong and committed Executive Board and Sub-committees, comprising of passionate and experienced colleagues of diverse national background. Please help us continue to build on PC’s legacy, and really make APWA an association that we can all be proud of. Together we can fulfil our mission, which is to promote and advance the concept, knowledge and practice of the surgery for disorders of the wrist.

– Greg Bain, President 2017 -19

Our Founding President’s Vision

We believe as time goes on, wrist surgery will get even more exciting and fascinating. Imagine that arthroscopy becomes bread and butter for everyone, minimal invasive surgery is the norm for all, wrists no longer need to be fused, cartilage can regrow, ligament can heal predictably. We believe that with our conjoint effort and enthusiasm, all these will no longer be dreams one day.

– PC Ho, Founding President 2015-17

Greg Bain, PC Ho

  • Gather and Excel

    At last, wrist enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific area have a niche to gather, to exchange and to excel!

    The Asia Pacific Wrist Association (or APWA in brief) was proudly established on 11 April 2015 when 21 determined wrist experts from 10 countries and cities in the Asia Pacific region met at the Prince of Wales Hospital of Hong Kong to discuss and endorse the formation of the Association, a long time dream behind many of this group of dedicated workers and researchers in wrist surgery and therapy.  I was lucky enough to have got acquainted with them through our collaboration and education work in this area over the last two decades. We all witness the tremendous outburst in interest and output on this field, and the growing fraternity among the communities, especially in the last 5-10 years. However there is still considerable mismatch between the availability of competent wrist surgeons and therapists, and the patients in need due to the vast area and population we serve, and the extreme diversity of culture, language, social structure and medical system within the Asia Pacific area. Never in our history the desire and determination to make positive progress and advancement in this area is more intense than at the present moment.  This need and concern drive us to form a professional association of our own without hesitation.

  • Activities

    Membership application is now open. To encourage participation and collaboration, membership of the Association is on individual basis. Many activities are already on the plot: annual scientific congress, comprehensive review courses, travelling fellowship and training programme, research grant provision, joint center research project, joint registry and data base on specific diseases of interest, young investigator awards, educational media production, website, case discussion forum, publications and even journal. Both arthroscopists and non-arthroscopists are welcome and membership is not confined to surgeons. Therapist, nurses, rehabilitationist, radiologist, biomedical engineer, information technologist, anatomist, basic scientist etc. are all welcome, as long as they “love” the wrist and find the wrist enthralling!

Aims and Objectives of APWA

The aims and objectives of APWA are as follows:

  1. To encourage the clinical application of wrist surgery and other diagnostic and therapeutic methods;
  2. To facilitate exchange of clinical and scientific information, to advance knowledge, concept and clinical skill in the field of wrist disorders and wrist surgery;
  3. To promote research and collaboration in the fields of wrist disorders and wrist surgery among the various Asia-Pacific countries and area; and
  4. To bring together doctors and other medical professionals specializing or with special interest in the aforementioned fields through organizing conferences, educational and training courses, traveling fellowship programmes, and other related scientific activities.

APWA Annual Congress Call for Proposal for Biddingfor 6th (2020) & 7th (2021) Congress